[Guest Post] The Best Exercises Your Not Doing

Hey All, Real quick here. I was fortunate enough to be featured on an awesome collaborative blog post earlier this week on The Barbell Physio.com along side some pretty big movers and shakers in the industry. CLICK HERE –> http://www.thebarbellphysio.com/2016/04/11/great-exercises-you-are-not-doing/ It was a great honor to be featured on this list. Make sure you check out allContinue reading “[Guest Post] The Best Exercises Your Not Doing”

Back to the Basics: The Barbell

Sure, it’s not neon colored or made of a ultra-durable rubber coated shell and have 5 attachment points for accessories on it, but the barbell can still be super adorable (see above again). *Lately it has started to make a comeback with the help of Crossfit workouts and their high usage of barbell lifts, especiallyContinue reading “Back to the Basics: The Barbell”

Golfers Are Athletes, Too!

  Golfers are Athletes, So Treat Them Like Athletes Okay, maybe not all golfers LOOK like athletes, but you can be sure that the successful ones are doing more than a few cable twists and 12 oz. curls at the 19th hole. Before we start ripping weights off the floor, and throwing medicine balls aroundContinue reading “Golfers Are Athletes, Too!”

Do You Deadlift? You Should…

Taking a break from writing about my super fantastic interesting SNAP food challenge, I would like to take a moment to discuss the king of all lifts… the Deadlift. The deadlift got its name in ancient Rome, when soldiers were taught how to properly lift their fallen comrades up and off of the battle field.Continue reading “Do You Deadlift? You Should…”

Are You Using Proper Form?

One of my biggest pet peeves in the gym is seeing people doing an exercise with bad form. Using proper form is the MOST important thing one can do when lifting weights. If you don not use proper form you are putting yourself at risk for injury and you aren’t working the proper muscles correctly.Continue reading “Are You Using Proper Form?”

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