You Can’t Always Run Away The Fat

  Sure, go from zero running to some running to lots of running and you will probably lose some weight. But then what? I’ve seen it, in people I know, in people I read about, in people I see out in public…the weight loss stalls. Now, I used to be that meathead that would sayContinue reading “You Can’t Always Run Away The Fat”

The Best Smoothies I’ve Ever Had (#3 Is Too Good To Be “Healthy”)

  In a perfect world, we would all get 100% of our protein from grass fed, free range, pure organic, GMO free, happy as a clam animals. Let’s be honest, this isn’t a perfect world. Still, I always prefer that my clients get as close to 100% of their daily protein goal from real foodContinue reading “The Best Smoothies I’ve Ever Had (#3 Is Too Good To Be “Healthy”)”

“Cardio”…Is It Optimal? Part 1

  When I say “cardio” I’m talking about your traditional forms of cardio. Jogging for 30 minutes to and hour, cycling, walking on an incline, etc. So what does this kind of cardio actually do? In Part 1 of this blog post, I will look at traditional cardio, and what it does. The Good:  Traditional,Continue reading ““Cardio”…Is It Optimal? Part 1″

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