STOP Exercising to Lose Weight

Major benefits of exercise in general: Improved heart/blood health Improved mood Improved coordination Improved blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood cholesterol Direct major benefits of pure cardio exercise: Improved cardiovascular endurance Improved resting heart rate Improved performance in cardiovascular events/activities Direct major benefits of strength training: Improved muscle mass/”tone” Improved strength Improved bone mineral densityContinue reading “STOP Exercising to Lose Weight”

Can Happiness and Dieting Coexist?

If by “dieting” we mean – eating with a goal of losing body fat…then yes, it is possible. Unfortunately the word “diet” is often associated with pain, suffering, deprivation, sadness, boringness, restriction, and many other negative choice words. Seriously, when was the last time you heard someone say “oh I’m on a diet and lovingContinue reading “Can Happiness and Dieting Coexist?”

Short Term Pleasure; Long Term Pain…

Recently I was listening to a fantastic podcast from my friends at Relentless Dietetics –> http://relentless-show.libsyn.com/rss In their most recent episode they were discussing higher level thinking – how as humans we can think and plan for long term, where as animals, live in the now and literally only react to what is currently happening, andContinue reading “Short Term Pleasure; Long Term Pain…”

Is This Your Year?

  Happy 2018! We made it! Every year people come up with New Years resolutions, and every year, people give up or fail those resolutions fairly quickly. So what will you do to be different? Will this be your year to make the changes you have been talking about for years? Or finally commit toContinue reading “Is This Your Year?”

So Your Doctor Told You…You Have High Cholesterol

“Your cholesterol numbers are high, you need to go on this drug to bring them down.” Thanks doc. However, there may be ways that you can bring your numbers down before having to opt for a statin, or other cholesterol fighting drug. Before I go on, I do want to say that there are SOMEContinue reading “So Your Doctor Told You…You Have High Cholesterol”

So Your Doctor Told You…You Are Pregnant!

Welcome to another installment of “So Your Doctor Told You”. Maybe you don’t need a doctor to tell you that you are pregnant, but in this post I tend to tackle some of the common questions surrounding fitness and nutrition during pregnancy. Guys, I know this post may not pertain to you, but you mayContinue reading “So Your Doctor Told You…You Are Pregnant!”

So Your Doctor Told You…You Need to Lose 10 Pounds

HAPPY NEW YEAR, and welcome, or welcome back! It has truly been too long since I blogged, but I am back with some big ideas and am looking forward to getting back to doing what I love. Through out this coming year, I will be tackling some of the most common “medical diagnosis’” that weContinue reading “So Your Doctor Told You…You Need to Lose 10 Pounds”

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