SNAP Challenge – Day 3: Breakfast

Decided to get pretty crazy and switch up my breakfast today. Went with an old classic bodybuilder-like recipe, oat pancakes. (After my 4 cups of water of course) 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 3/4 cup oats, 1 T cottage cheese, 1 banana, dash of cinnamon – blend and fry.  First things first, you could eat theseContinue reading “SNAP Challenge – Day 3: Breakfast”

SNAP Challenge – Day 2: Final

My final snack of the day was another 1/4 cup of cottage cheese. Final Stats and Thoughts: Calories: 1719 Carbs: 288 grams (67% of calories) Fat: 36 grams (19% of calories) Protein: 98 grams (24% of calories) Cholesterol: 377 mg Sodium: 1593mg Fiber: 63 grams!!! Got more calories in today, but not as much proteinContinue reading “SNAP Challenge – Day 2: Final”

SNAP Challenge – Day 2: Dinner

Dinner tonight was pretty much just a hodge-podge of whatever I felt like throwing in a pot. I decided to go with 3/4 cup kidney beans, 3/4 cup dry whole wheat pasta, 3/4 cup of the canned stewed tomatoes, 3/4 cup of frozen brocoli (added garlic powder). Pretty easy prep for this meal. Boiled the pasta forContinue reading “SNAP Challenge – Day 2: Dinner”

SNAP Challenge: Day 2 – Snack & Lunch & Pre/Post Workout

My “snack” today was the other half of my banana, which I ate about 1 hour after breakfast on my way out the door. My lunch today was something pretty different, for myself at least. I had one cup of quinoa, 3/4 cup red kidney beans, 1/2 cup spinach (thawed) 1 tsp olive oil, a littleContinue reading “SNAP Challenge: Day 2 – Snack & Lunch & Pre/Post Workout”

SNAP Challenge – Day 2: Breakfast

Morning! I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, but definitely a little hungry. As stated in my last post, I will be upping my intakes a little bit today, to try and get closer to 1800 calories. The last time I did a bodyfat analysis on myself, my BMR (basal metabolic rate, the amountContinue reading “SNAP Challenge – Day 2: Breakfast”

SNAP Challenge – Day 1: Final

For my last snack of the day I had another 1/2 cup of fat free cottage cheese and 5 carrot sticks. This came out to 100 calories, 10 carbs and 12 grams of protein. Final Stats and Thoughts: Calories: 1560 Carbs: 217 grams (53% of calories) Fat: 30 grams (17% of calories) Protein: 133 grams (30% ofContinue reading “SNAP Challenge – Day 1: Final”

SNAP Challenge – Day 1: Dinner

Dinner: Todays dinner consisted of 1, 4 oz tilapia filet, 3/4 cup steamed brocoli and 1/2 cup of kidney beans (prepared earlier in the day)and of course 3 cups of water. For the tilapia, I went with a recipe from the bag for poached tilapia in the microwave. It was very simple and tasted okay. IContinue reading “SNAP Challenge – Day 1: Dinner”

SNAP Challenge – Day 1: Pre/Post Workout

I’ll keep this one pretty simple: Preworkout: My preworkout snack was a large navel orange. This provided me with about 20g of carbs before my workout. I had a pretty intense, one hour weight lifting workout today, but I wont get into that since the focus of this program is my diet. However, I doContinue reading “SNAP Challenge – Day 1: Pre/Post Workout”

SNAP Challenge – Day 1 Snack & Lunch

Before I go any further, I need to state that even though today is Monday, I am treating it like a Sunday since I don’t have any class until tomorrow. A lot of what I do today will prepare me for the week ahead, and therefore will require more time than most days. Snack: MyContinue reading “SNAP Challenge – Day 1 Snack & Lunch”

SNAP Challenge – Day 1 Breakfast

Woke up this morning feeling good and ready to start this challenge. Just a quick note, this “new diet” will be a little different than what I’m used to. I typically eat very healthy, but eat a lot more to support my needs as a 23 year old male who works out pretty intensely 4Continue reading “SNAP Challenge – Day 1 Breakfast”

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