8 Ways Your Diet Could Be Weakening Your Immune System

No food or pill can make you invincible. However…  …that isn’t the end of the story. You have to love the world we live in. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is alive and well in the nutrition and fitness world. Every single fitness trainer’s business is on life support while trying toContinue reading “8 Ways Your Diet Could Be Weakening Your Immune System”

Permission to Reduce Your Stress – 10 Ways How

By now things have had time to simmer. To sink in. Realities. Potentials. What ifs and If only’s. People are mad, scared, tired, frustrated, and are feeling forgotten – and that’s okay to feel that way. However, like any other time we need to remember to stick to the one main principle that we alwaysContinue reading “Permission to Reduce Your Stress – 10 Ways How”

The Not So Motivational Talk You Need

Whether or not you are a fan of Nike, we all need to heed their slogan a little bit more. Just. Do. It. What is this? Drill Sergeant Mike coming on strong now? No more empathy, compassion, and love? Not so fast…this is where many go wrong.

Throw Away Your Scale?!

We have all heard this before. Heck, I’ve probably said it before. “Don’t worry about your scale!” “throw the scale away!” “The scale is a source of pain and anguish”… But is it really time to completely throw away the scale? Or time to create a new relationship with the scale, and also add moreContinue reading “Throw Away Your Scale?!”

The TRUTH About All Those “Eat Whatever You Want and Lose Weight” People

It’s true! You CAN eat pizza and lose weight. You CAN eat Big Mac’s and lose weight! This is something that I see ads for, marketing for, and friends sharing posts about all the time. I myself even share the occasional “I eat ____ as part of my healthy diet”. The disconnect is this –Continue reading “The TRUTH About All Those “Eat Whatever You Want and Lose Weight” People”

Things That Make the Scale Go Bump In The Night

The scale. Friend of few, the enemy of many. The scale tells us one thing. Our current pull on gravity at the present moment – aka our weight. It tells us nothing else about ourselves. Not how fit we are, how nice we are, how bad we are…it only tells our weight. The debate ragesContinue reading “Things That Make the Scale Go Bump In The Night”

What is the best diet?

  Yesterday a friend asked me, “so what do you think the best diet is?” Talk about a tough question…so why not answer it with the easiest cop out answer. The best diet for someone is the diet that they can enjoy, stick to, get results on, and maintain an optimal level of health atContinue reading “What is the best diet?”

Eat Less – Exercise More is WRONG

  If you read anything today, it should be this. For years, I myself told people, “exercise more, eat less – thats how you lose weight!” This is true. Unfortunately, I disagree with this statement completely now. Yes, I can change my views on things too, I am human. So why is is wrong, andContinue reading “Eat Less – Exercise More is WRONG”

You Can’t Always Run Away The Fat

  Sure, go from zero running to some running to lots of running and you will probably lose some weight. But then what? I’ve seen it, in people I know, in people I read about, in people I see out in public…the weight loss stalls. Now, I used to be that meathead that would sayContinue reading “You Can’t Always Run Away The Fat”

5 MORE Quick Calorie Cuts

For the first article click here: https://mgfitlife.com/2017/02/28/5-quick-calorie-cuts/ Still looking for more tips and tricks to cut back on those calories huh? Well, just remember that if you aren’t consistent with your day to day intake, these “simple” cuts won’t make much of a dent, but they could help you get started. 1. When eating out, NEVERContinue reading “5 MORE Quick Calorie Cuts”

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